Top Stanford ENT Doctor: “This 5 minute facial ritual right before bed will give you the best night's sleep you’ve had in years”...

Thousands of sleepless Americans are now enjoying 8+ hours of restorative, deep sleep each night thanks to this breakthrough from A Swedish University's Sleep Department.

“Since I’ve been using this I’m happy to report I’ve been sleeping perfectly without snoring”...

“I’m starting to consider myself very lucky to have found this”...

Could it really be as easy as doing a simple 5 minute exercise before bed, to actually achieve the sleep you’ve been dreaming of for years?

It might sound too good to be true…

But thanks to a breakthrough discovery from Stanfords Research department of ENT and Sleep Specialists, it’s now 100% possible.

And it all comes down to this bizarre 5-minute ritual.

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Peter Wikle
In Conversation With
Dr. Laurent
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In Conversation With

Dr. Laurent
ENT Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Philippe J. Laurent is an experienced ENT Consultant Surgeon in Amiens, France, with a focus on surgical treatments for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. With over 20 years of experience in the operating room, he is a trusted healthcare provider for adults and children with airways obstruction.

If you struggle with loud snoring keeping you and your partner awake at night...

Instead of uninterrupted, refreshing slumber - I urge you to read this article to the end…

My name is Peter Wikle , and I spent half a decade battling freight-train snoring.

I struggled for years to get refreshing sleep, and tried everything possible... But I still felt exhausted all day, everyday, with draining headaches and struggling to focus…

Not to mention the horrible racket I made at night was keeping my wife awake too.

As a result we slept in separate beds for almost 3 years - and even almost ended up getting a divorce…

So I took it upon myself to find a real solution.

And recently, I took a chance on a new invention… that has completely changed my life and the lives of thousands of others.

And it happened in under a week - without surgery, masks, pills, or even mouthguards, whatsoever!

Even if you don’t think you snore, stick with me, because there’s a chance you do.

Here’s the thing, if you’re someone who wakes up feeling exhausted, hitting the snooze button multiple times, zero motivation to get out of bed.

Or you wake up feeling like you just went to bed, without actually getting any good sleep…

These are symptoms of breathing problems often from airway collapse.

This is where the muscles in your throat grow weak with age, or weightgain, gets in the way of your breathing.

Which is common in snorers, and poor sleepers, as when we lay down in bed at night, these muscles have become floppy and are not strong enough to stay in position as we breathe.

These weak muscles fall back, blocking your airway, restricting your breathing and causing that noisy racket, or wakefulness during the night.

Most other solutions are uncomfortable mouthguards or filmsy nose strips, falling off and disturbing your sleep even more,

And are only designed for fleeting relief, by temporarily moving the muscles to clear your throat, but only while you wear them…

Leading to a lifetime of being chained to them, in order to get some sleep.

But as I discovered, the actual solution is far more simple than this…

All it takes is a few simple exercises to strengthen these muscles, to tackle the root cause of your blocked airway - allowing you to breathe freely and sleep peacefully all night.

This in turn, increases the amount of oxygen carried to your brain, deepening your sleep state.

Not only helping you to sleep better but to wake up refreshed and alert, ready to conquer the day.

After learning about weak oral muscles, and poor sleep, I did some digging into the research behind ‘Oral Muscle Fatigue’.

Which led me on a journey to consult the foremost experts about effective solutions for snoring, and poor sleep quality.

It was this search that brought me to Dr. Hopkins and his breakthrough solution ZURA+.

Ever since I started using it, I’ve felt refreshed with more energy than ever before.

In as little as 7 days of training 5 minutes a day, I now sleep for eight hours every night.

And my blood pressure has reduced tenfold now that I’m not constantly myself waking up with a dry mouth.

Helping me to be the healthiest, and most active I’ve been in decades.

It’s also safe to say that my marriage is the strongest it’s been in years, now no longer making a peep throughout the night.

I never knew how much snoring was holding me back!

I’ve been so impressed by ZURA+ that I reached out to interview ZURA+’s creator, Dr. Hopkins. To find out what led him to create this game-changing solution.

Read on, as this could help change your life like it changed mine (and thousands of other people)!


Dr. Hopkins is the Chairman of the University’s Sleep Specialist Department.

He spent over 20+ years as an ENT, also known as Ears, Nose And Throat, specialist, and sleep surgeon, in his clinic at Stanford Health Care.

During his years in the clinic, Dr. Hopkins noticed an unsettling trend: Many of his patients were locked in a vicious cycle of chronic fatigue, loud snoring, and restless nights.

This wasn't just a health issue; it was stealing the joy from their lives.

It was then that Dr. Hopkins knew he had to find an effective solution. Which led him to create the award-winning ZURA+.

Dr.Hopkins, thank you for your time! First off, can you explain what ZURA+ does for those who haven’t heard of it yet?

Of course! ZURA+ is an Oral Strengthening System which tackles the root cause of snoring by strengthening the key oral muscles which have grown weak. It also retrains your nervous reflexes, helping your brain stabilize your airway - while you’re fast asleep.

After months scouring through medical journals for an effective alternative to temporary sleep aids or expensive surgeries…

I stumbled upon Myofunctional Exercises—a technique already backed by rigorous studies and embraced by prestigious institutions like Harvard and UCLA’s, dental hygienists and ENT specialists.

As a non-invasive way to strengthen and reposition these muscles without surgery.

Myofunctional Therapy is supported by clinical researchers who use MT to help people with a range of symptoms sleep confidently without surgery or spending lots of money.

Studies show MT can successfully reduce symptoms of snoring and improve energy levels, productivity and overall life quality.

So that's where the idea for ZURA+ came from. I wanted to create an all-in-one, guided solution for lasting relief, without the need for consultations or affording thousands of dollars in surgery fees.

It’s a way to make restorative sleep accessible for everyone in as little as 5 minutes as day. You see, sleep shouldn't be a luxury. It should be within everyone’s reach.

And with the right guidance for how to strengthen your oral muscles, the more likely you can experience unrestricted, deep breaths all night.

Helping you achieve 8+ hours of peaceful, unassisted sleep every night.

What inspired you to create ZURA+?

I love my work! I get so much satisfaction from helping people sleep better and live richer lives. It’s amazing to see how people’s relationships, careers and mental health improves with better sleep.

I’ve seen patients suffer from exhaustion, lose their jobs, struggle with depression as a result of their sleeplessness, and become happy, energetic individuals who sleep 8+ hours every night.

Not only do my patients experience great health benefits, they also gain confidence and reassurance. Because they’re finally sleeping “healthily”, like everyone else.

This allows them to become the loving parent, attentive partner and present friend they were before they suffered with loud snoring. The difference can be truly incredible.

But, there was one problem: I simply didn’t have the time or resources to treat everyone at the clinic!

Plus, surgery's a gamble—risky and expensive. That’s why countless patients have asked me for non-invasive alternatives like ZURA+!

Ever notice how many chronic snorers or restless sleepers never seek help? Either they're unaware of their deteriorating sleep quality or just can't bear the medical costs until its breaking point.

Why endure another sleepless night, another strained relationship, or another unproductive, groggy day at work?

That's where ZURA+ comes in. Get the same restorative sleep and energy you'd expect from surgery—right at home…

Just 5 minutes a day keeps the sleep doctor away. No financial strain, no scary risks!

I’m proud to say now anyone can get an affordable, easy to use solution, for effective relief from snoring.

They can finally relax, breathe easy and sleep soundly knowing they aren’t putting their loved one’s at risk anymore.

What’s so special about ZURA+’s design?

Don't be fooled by its simplicity. Years of research and design have crafted ZURA+'s unique system.

Think of ZURA+’s devices as a gym for your oral msucles, and the video course as your coach. It targets the five key muscles you need for better breathing and sleep. Unlike other solutions that just tackle one symptom, ZURA+ covers them all.

Which is what sets ZURA+ apart from the rest.

It isn't just a product; it's a one-stop solution. Five clinically-proven tools tackle every root cause of poor sleep empowering you to take back control of your wellbeing.

Tried nasal strips, sleep apps, and mouthguards? Frustrated with their short-term relief and recurring costs?

ZURA+ equips you with everything you need to effectively swap wakefulness, and loud snoring, for restful sleep night after night. Without refills or subscriptions.

So that, in a short period of time, you can improve your sleep and your overall health in the most comfortable way possible.

Expect better sleep from day one with ZURA+. But remember, like any new routine, it takes a little time to adjust. Think of it like starting a new workout programme...

Most people won't see Shwarznegger's abs after the first session. It takes some practice. Although, 75% patients report feeling a significant difference in their sleep after week 1. While 87% report finding the devices easy and comfortable to use.

(Pro Tip! We’ve found that consistency is key to making sure ZURA+ is fast-acting and effective. Stick to your training to reduce your snoring in the shortest amount of time. We recommend following the course closely. And familiarizing yourself with the user manual to achieve the best results.)

I would often suggest these exercises to help support my inpatients post-op results. As surgery alone is often unsuccessful.

To create them, we used scans to help target the problem muscles. Which helped us to create the most effective exercises for powerful, natural relief from late night symphonies.

ZURA+ lets you combat symptoms from home—without the discomfort of night-time wear. This makes sure you have the best possible environment for deep rest. It does so with trainers that you use during the day, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

Finally, ZURA+ includes a FREE step-by-step video course, demonstrating the targeted exercises. The easy to follow exercises alongside the devices, provide all the resources and support you need for deeply refreshing sleep.

Relieving the mental and physical exhaustion without invasive surgery or expensive consultations. It also means ZURA+ is completely safe to use, for people of all ages.

Say goodbye to those costly monthly subscriptions of nasal strips or replacing mouthguards. With ZURA+, it's a one-time cost for a lifetime of peaceful sleep.

Why is it so important to treat snoring?

Do you dread bedtime, knowing it’ll just be another battle for a good night's sleep?

Snoring has lots of negative consequences. Like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart failure, just to name a few.

So, there are tons of benefits to restful, uninterrupted sleep:

Preventing headaches and daytime fatigue.

Strong muscles in your mouth and throat stop nightly interruptions by keeping your airway open. This reduces daytime sleepiness and headaches, giving you control over your quality of life.

Improved sleep helps you focus!

It protects your brain health. Chemicals released during deep sleep, like serotonin and dopamine, enhance your mood. Improving memory, focus, and clarity of thought. Restful sleep helps keep you happy, healthy and youthful!

Reduces risk of stroke, heart failure, and mortality:

Reducing the severity of snoring balances your blood pressure. Therefore it also reduces the risk of serious health complications, such as stroke, heart failure, and even mortality. Enhance your health and while being asleep.

A refreshing night's sleep.

A night of uninterrupted sleep allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized. So you can experience improved productivity, performance and ability to exercise. Get back to the things that make you feel alive.

Take in more oxygen.

Better breathing enhances your health and vitality. Balancing stress hormones and anxiety, with relaxation and calmness, improves your mental and physical wellbeing. Reclaim your social life and maintain meaningful relationships again.

Just by using ZURA+, you can experience all these benefits. And there are no drugs, no uncomfortable mouthguards, or repeat expenses. And zero health risks… It’s comfortable, convenient, and affordable for everyone.

Since its release, ZURA+ has gone on to win multiple awards. And was swiftly adopted by sleep specialists and doctors across the country. Who recognize it as an effective, non-invasive way to treat poor sleep and loud snoring from-home - and improve your quality of life.

We’re extremely proud of it!

How do you know if ZURA+ is right for you?

Over 2 biliion suffer from snoring globally, many more undiagnosed—all with serious health risks. Which leads to a number of health complications.

I recommend you try ZURA+ if you:

  • Wake up feeling exhausted Feel like a zombie? struggling to stay awake during the day. You’ll be blown away by how liberating it feels to finally get consistent, deep, and rejuvenating sleep!

  • Struggle with headaches Good quality sleep helps your body combat pain. Making ZURA+ a powerful ally for those who wake up with raging headaches, pressure in their nose, and aches and pains.

  • Have trouble concentrating or feeling productive: ZURA+ helps your body and brain work better, with deeper sleep and better breathing, you can enjoy a calmer, more rational mind, and improved focus throughout the day.

  • Are prone to loud snoring If you or your partner snores loudly, keeping you both awake at night. ZURA+ helps you eliminate that noisy racket. So you can enjoy intimate moments again.

  • Want to get back to sleeping all night ZURA+ improves the depth of your sleep, helping you stay asleep throughout the night and wake up feeling well-rested.

If you or someone you know struggles with any of these issues, ZURA+ is for you. I can’t urge you enough… you have to try it!

Think about it. The money you'll save from doctor visits, ineffective gadgets, and lost workdays will pay for your ZURA+ in no time.

Want to start sleeping better, too? Get your ZURA+ Oral Strengthening System now!

Alright, that’s all from Dr. Hopkins. I’m so grateful to have his insight here…

I already knew that ZURA+ worked from my own experience, but it’s been fascinating to learn exactly why!

As someone experiencing life-changing improvements in my sleep, I can’t recommend it enough.

After purchasing ZURA+ today, you will instantly experience more energy from refreshing sleep. With an easier time breathing, and focusing, plus enhanced physical performance from a new zest for life.

ZURA+ has already helped thousands of people live happier, more fulfilling lives. 80% of our customers report drastic relief.

If you snore, struggle to sleep, or have interrupted breathing, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try ZURA+... you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

So why wait? Make sleepless nights a thing of the past. Say goodbye to snoring and exhausting days. Invest in ZURA+ and regain control of your life.

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In Conversation With

Dr. Laurent
ENT Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Philippe J. Laurent is a renowned ENT Consultant Surgeon based in Amiens, France, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He specializes in diagnosing and treating airways obstruction, particularly in surgical treatments for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. His exceptional skills and dedication to his work have earned him a reputation as a leading expert in his field, making him a trusted healthcare provider for adults and children with airways obstruction.