Doctor's Award Winning Invention Is Helping Millions Stop Their Snoring & Achieve Deep Sleep Naturally… And He Wants You To Try It, Too

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In Conversation With
Dr. Laurent
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In Conversation With

Philippe Laurent,
ENT Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Philippe J. Laurent is an experienced ENT Consultant Surgeon in Amiens, France, with a focus on surgical treatments for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. With over 20 years of experience in the operating room, he is a trusted healthcare provider for adults and children with airways obstruction.

Is there a connection between snoring and daytime fatigue? I encourage you to read this article until the end.

My name is Peter Wikle , and I’ve suffered from snoring for the past ten years. (make this more catchy it seem normal )

But recently, I took a chance on a new invention… that has completely changed my life.

And it happened in under a week - without surgery or any masks, pills, or mouthguards whatsoever!

One minute I was struggling, waking up every day feeling terrible... and the next thing I knew, I was sleeping like a baby, feeling more youthful and healthier than ever. It felt AMAZING. I couldn't believe it!

I started using the device called ZURA+ a few months ago… and ever since I've felt refreshed and more energized than ever before.

I sleep deeply through the night, and my blood pressure has reduced tenfold now that I'm not constantly waking up gasping for air. I never knew how much snoring was holding me back!

I've been so impressed by ZURA+ - and grateful - that I reached out to interview ZURA+'s creator, Dr. Philippe, about why he created these incredible devices and training.


Dr. Laurent strives to ensure that patients have access to clear and understandable information about their oral health. He prioritizes non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive treatments for sleep disorders before surgery and encourage patients to explore all options available. By doing so, patients can avoid unnecessary surgical procedures and reduce the need for general anaesthesia.

This led him to create ZURA+, which has since gone on to win multiple awards and is now helping thousands of people improve their lives with more restful sleep.

If you struggle with snoring that has you waking up every morning with crushing fatigue and headaches or disturbing your partner sleep patterns, be sure to read through to the end for a special discount on ZURA+ - it could change your life like it changed mine (and thousands of other people)!

Dr. Laurent, thank you for your time! First off, can you explain what ZURA+ does for those who haven’t heard of it yet?

Of course! ZURA+ is a new Targeted Airway Muscle Training System that helps you regain control of your sleep by strengthening the muscles in your mouth and throat which block your airways, causing you to snore or stop breathing, disrupting your sleep.

ZURA+ can help you enjoy the same incredible refreshing, uninterrupted sleep we’re able to give people in the clinic... But in an affordable, user-friendly way that anyone can do by themselves.

I’m proud to say it’s the first scientifically designed, natural, and non-invasive daytime solution of its kind that can help you breathe comfortably and stay asleep peacefully all night long.

It looks so simple but was the result of many years of experience, design, and experimentation.

As a Sleep Specialist performing surgical treatments, I needed to have a deep understanding of the ideal anatomy of the inside of the throat - particularly the oropharyngeal muscles (muscles in the throat and mouth), which are critical in enabling essential daily functions such as breathing, speaking, chewing and swallowing.

ZURA+ incorporates these insights and many more - which I learned over twenty years in a very busy clinical practice - into the design we spent years working on.

How does ZURA+ work??

Quite often, the reason you have trouble getting a restful night's sleep is due to the muscles in your mouth and throat not functioning properly - typically, it's related to weak airway muscles and poor tongue positioning that block your airway and stop you from breathing properly. It can either be a partial collapse, causing loud snoring due to the restricted airflow and vibrations, or a complete blockage causing choking and wakefulness more than 30 times per hour.

ZURA+ works by enhancing the strength, control, and movement of your jaw, cheeks, tongue, and soft palate (muscles at the back of your throat), allowing you to get restful and rejuvenating sleep without swallowing or breathing problems, after only a few uses

To start using ZURA+, you’ll simply use the devices (Soft palate, Lip, Tongue, Cheek & Breath trainers) using the demonstrations in the user manual or video training courses.

Once your devices arrive, follow the guided exercises, and you’ll simply carry these out daily and instantly start enjoying deep, refreshing sleep and an active lifestyle. It’s that easy!

What’s so special about ZURA+’s system?

ZURA+ is the result of years of development - we created multiple iterations, constantly tweaking the devices to improve both functionality and comfort while prioritizing ease-of-use.

ZURA+ acts like a mini-gym for your oropharyngeal muscles that provides gentle strengthening to open up your airways. This, in turn, helps to relieve the discomfort or disruptions caused by obstructed airways.

Plus, five clinically proven devices target snoring for the root cause by creating support for all of the muscles in your throat and mouth - in a short period of time, each day, allowing you to improve your sleep in the most comfortable way possible.

Most patients enjoy better sleep from the first few training sessions using ZURA+. However, it

it is very important to understand that ZURA+ may take some getting used to. Think of it like breaking in a new pair of shoes - just like a new pair (which for many people may feel stiff and uncomfortable at first!)...

(Pro Tip! We’ve found that consistency is key to making sure ZURA+ is fast-acting and effective. You want to use it daily so that you can reduce your snoring as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, but not so much that it's straining your muscles. So it’s best to closely follow the user manual and exercises as instructed by the medical professional in the videos to achieve maximum results.)

The designs derive from the myofunctional exercises I use during therapy to help patients improve the strength and tone of their throat and tongue muscles, to open the airway, allowing them to breathe freely and naturally at night. We used polysomnography data with MRI scans to visualize the anatomy of the throat and mouth to create the most anatomically accurate and targeted exercises.

That part is key: Not only does ZURA+ allow you to take action against your symptoms yourself, it also doesn’t require you to wear anything uncomfortable (like your alien facehugger) allowing the best possible environment for optimal sleep. It does so with trainers with very important functions used during the day to maintain a clear airflow while you sleep.

Finally, a step-by-step course demonstrates the targeted exercises (using each device) with straight forward, verbally clear and visually helpful instructions, providing the resources and support you need, to relieve the mental and physical exhaustion without invasive surgery or expensive consultations. It also makes ZURA+ completely safe to use, for people of all ages.

Most importantly, our experience is that ZURA+ is extremely effective - its effects are more powerful than every other device we have tried.

What inspired you to create ZURA+?

I love my work! I get so much satisfaction from helping people sleep properly. It’s amazing to see how people’s lives improve just by performing these simple exercises.

I’ve seen countless patients that suffer from the deteriorating effects of sleep disorders, snoring and interrupted sleep turn into happy, energetic, well-rested individuals. The difference can be truly incredible.

Not only do my patients experience great health benefits, they also gain confidence - they’re finally sleeping “peacefully”, like everyone else.

However, there’s one problem: I simply don’t have the time or resources to treat everyone!

Plus, while surgery can work well, it’s also commonly unsuccessful. Plenty of my patients over the years have asked about non-surgical treatments. And of course, surgery isn’t just expensive, it also contains risks - complications that occur in some patients.

Another really interesting insight I have had over the years is that many people who experience snoring don’t realize they need help. They wake up exhausted and unrefreshed without ever thinking to go to a clinic… or they simply can’t afford to.

ZURA+ solves both of these problems - it’s affordable, easy to use, and works for so many people. We even included a money-back guarantee to help as many people as possible try it out.

Why is it so important to treat sleep disorders?

Sleep disorders and snoring have a lot of negative consequences - like high blood pressure, arrhythmia, stroke, heart failure, and more.

On the other hand, there are tons of benefits to restful, uninterrupted sleep:

Helps prevent headaches and daytime fatigue.

Having strong muscles in your mouth and throat can naturally help reduce snoring by keeping the airway open, which may result in reduced daytime sleepiness and headaches. This can empower you to improve your quality of life by getting better sleep and regaining control over your health.

Getting better sleep can enhance your ability to focus.

There are chemicals we get from deep sleep, like serotonin and dopamine (that we don’t get when we’re exhausted and unrested), Getting sufficient and quality sleep can contribute to overall happiness, health, and youthfulness.

May lower the risk of stroke, heart failure, and mortality.

Reducing the severity and frequency of snoring may help balance your blood pressure levels, which in turn, may lower your risk of serious health complications like stroke, heart failure, and mortality.

A refreshing night's sleep.

A night of unbroken sleep and uninterrupted breathing allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized and experience improved productivity, performance and ability to exercise.

Take in more oxygen.

Improving the quality of your sleep by addressing breathing complications can have a positive impact on your overall mental and physical wellbeing. It may reduce stress and anxiety levels and enhance oxygenation, resulting in better vitality and quality of life

Just by using ZURA+, you can experience all these benefits. There are no uncomfortable machines to wear at night, drugs, mouthguards, repeat expenses, or any other hidden drawbacks… It’s comfortable, convenient, and affordable for everyone.

Since its release, ZURA+ has won multiple awards and has quickly been adopted by sleep specialists and doctors around the country, who recognize it as the safe, affordable way to naturally treat snoring, stop snoring and improve your quality of life overall.

We’re extremely proud of it!

How do you know if ZURA+ is right for you?

Research suggests that an estimated 45 percent of adults snore occasionally, while 25 percent snore regularly, with much more undiagnosed. As I’ve mentioned, this can unfortunately lead to a number of health issues.

I recommend you try ZURA+ if you:

  • Wake up feeling terrible If you always wake up feeling like a zombie, never rested, and fall asleep throughout the day, you’ll be blown away by how liberating it feels to finally get deep, rejuvenating sleep!

  • Struggle with headaches Deep sleep can help eliminate discomforts created by sleep deprivation, making ZURA+ a powerful ally for those who wake up with raging headaches, pressure in their nose, and a dry throat.

  • Have trouble concentrating or feeling capable: If you suffer from poor concentration, slow thinking or experience depression or irritability, ZURA+ helps your body and brain work properly. Plus - it improves your cognitive function and mood!

  • Are prone to snoring: If you or your partner snores and it's loud and disruptive - keeping you both awake at night. While not all cases of snoring are caused by sleep apnea, opening and breathing through an unobstructed airway can lower your risk of suffering the consequences. (In many cases, strengthening the mouth and throat muscles relieves general breathlessness as well as creates peaceful sleep.)

  • Suffer from choking or gasping for air: ZURA+ can relieve symptoms caused by airway collapse if you or your partner witnesses pauses in your breathing or you wake up gasping or choking, struggling to breathe.

  • Want to get back to sleeping all night Deep sleep helps you overcome restlessness or frequently needing to wake up through the night to visit the bathroom, ZURA+ improves the quality of your sleep, helping you stay asleep throughout the night.

If you or someone you know struggles with any of these issues, you are the perfect candidate for ZURA+. I can’t urge you enough… you have to try it!

Want to start sleeping better, too? Get your ZURA+ Targeted Airway Training System now!

Alright, that’s all from Dr. Hopkins. I’m so grateful to have his insight here… I already knew that ZURA+ worked from my own experience, but it’s been fascinating to learn exactly why!

As someone who has experienced dramatic life-changing improvements in my sleep from ZURA+, I can’t recommend it enough. Once you start using ZURA+ regularly, you may experience more energy, refreshing sleep, and feel healthier - having an easier time with breathing, focusing, and physical performance with a new zest for life.

With 80% of customers reporting drastic relief, ZURA+ has already helped thousands of people live happier, more fulfilling lives.

If you snore or struggle to breathe at night, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try ZURA+... you have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

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This is a great deal for anyone looking to try it... and don’t forget, it's completely risk-free! You have a whole 3 months to decide if ZURA+ brings you the relief you need or your money back. the stock is limited due to this, so please don’t wait if you’re interested!

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In Conversation With

Dr. Phillipe Laurent,
ENT Consultant Surgeon

Dr. Philippe J. Laurent is a renowned ENT Consultant Surgeon based in Amiens, France, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He specializes in diagnosing and treating airways obstruction, particularly in surgical treatments for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. His exceptional skills and dedication to his work have earned him a reputation as a leading expert in his field, making him a trusted healthcare provider for adults and children with airways obstruction.