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90-day money back guarantee


90-day money back guarantee

Floppy Airway Muscles: The Root Cause of Snoring & Sleep Apnea

When you snore, it's usually because your throat muscles relax too much during sleep. This happens when oral muscles are weak, floppy, or not working properly. They get sucked into the airway, narrowing it with each breath. This causes vibrations and noisy disturbances that disrupt your sleep.

The ZURA Approach

Toned Oral Muscles: An Open Airway for Silent Sleep

Strong oral muscles play a vital role in keeping an open airway. Toned, durable mouth and throat muscles remain in position during sleep. This significantly reduces instances of snoring and sleep apnea.

Enhancing Brain-Muscle Connection: Making Silent Sleep Second Nature

Training during the day enhances how well your brain and throat muscles work together - at night. This communication keeps your airway open while you sleep. The stronger the link, the more naturally your body prevents snoring. The easier you can enjoy quieter, deeper sleep every night.

5 Devices Specifically Engineered to Target Oral Muscles

ZURA+ Breath Trainer

Strengthens and tones the cheek, throat and upper airway muscles, and increases respiratory motion and lung volume to improve breathing during sleep

ZURA+ Tongue Trainer

Increases tone, position and endurance and helps stop your tongue from blocking your airway.

ZURA+ Soft Palate Trainer

Strengthens the muscles at the back of the throat to keep them in position and prevent them from collapsing at night.

ZURA+ Occlusion Trainer

Coordinates facial muscles so your mouth can close properly, supporting healthy nasal breathing and an open airway while asleep.

ZURA+ Cheek Trainer

Reduces the volume and flaccidity of the cheeks and stabilizes your upper airway, reducing the risk of collapse.

Unlock Free Access To Video Guided Exercises To Maximize Results

Unlock Free Access To Video Guided Exercises To Maximize Results

Each tool comes with clear, simple instructions. Along with guided exercises to tone up weak muscles responsible for snoring or sleep apnea.

6 Reasons People Love ZURA

#1: Silent Nights For You And Your Partner

In just 5 minutes a day, our 5 devices strengthen your mouth and throat muscles, reducing snoring and improving sleep.

#2: Stay Asleep Longer With Fewer Wake-ups

Enhance oxygen intake for deeper breathing and sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Achieve a full nights sleep with fewer wake-ups for bathroom trips, water breaks, or requests to roll over.

#3: More Energy, Feel Refreshed During The Day

Restful sleep increases energy levels throughout the day, achieving refreshed mornings every day without fatigue.

#4: Noticeable results with first few uses

Feel relief from frequent and loud snoring after your first few sessions. Enjoy significant results your partner will notice immediately.

#5: Comfortable & Easy-To-Use

ZURA+ is a natural daytime solution. It doesn't require any masks or night-time aids. Sleep soundly at night without any loud noises or uncomfortable devices.

#6: Trusted & Used By ENT Specialists

Myofunctional Therapy is used and supported by thousands of clinical researchers and specialists. It helps people with a range of symptoms sleep confidently - without surgery or spending lots of money.

How Does Zura+ Compare

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20,000+ Raving Customers









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Garrett T.

"My snoring was keeping my wife awake most nights. This product has put a stop to that!"


Greg M.

"Worked a treat, girlfriend is much happier!"


Philip K.

"All you hear is breathing without noise as my partner told me and she is very happy and now I don’t get woken around and asked to turn around at night to stop snoring"


Kerry S

"Worked really well. My partner has finally got a good night sleep as it’s completely stopped my snoring."


Sara B

"I can now share a bed with my partner for a whole night! I had tried everything before and so happy that this product actually works. Comfortable & easy to use"


Jerome I

" tried the ZURA+ and within 3 days I found a significant difference. My snoring has reduced and I don’t wake up tired anymore. I have passed this on to friends who have the same problem. Thank you!!"


Dave Z.

"I performed these exercises last night for the first time and was overjoyed by waking up rested, no interrupt sleep. I haven’t slept well in years."


John D

"I’m no longer making such a noise at night and I’m more popular with my wife than I’ve been for years!"

ZURA+ Oral Strengthening System

4.9/5 · 20,210+ Revitalized Customers

ZURA+ Oral Strengthening System



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is myofunctional therapy and how does it improve sleep?

Myofunctional therapy focuses on the muscles of the mouth and face, aiming to improve their function. By targeting breathing-related muscles and promoting proper airflow, myofunctional therapy can enhance sleep quality. It helps individuals maintain optimal oral posture, reduce airway obstructions, and improve muscle tone, leading to more restful sleep and potential relief from sleep-related breathing issues.

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