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Stop Snoring & Sleep Better

In just 10 minutes a day, our step-by-step system will make your mouth muscles stronger. So you snore less.

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"I've been doing these exercises for a few weeks. They changed my sleep and my life. So amazing!"

Top Sleep Doctor says

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"The best way to sleep better is right under your nose"

Making your mouth muscles stronger can really help stop snoring. Just like going to the gym makes your arms strong, the ZURA+ system trains the muscles in your mouth and throat. This helps you breathe better when you sleep.

The exercises fix breathing problems you've had for a long time. So air flows better and you sleep well.

The Zura System..

Stronger Throat, Better Breathing, Better Sleep


Snore loudly?

Want to sleep better?

Wake up tired?

Feel sleepy during the day?

Have a sore throat a lot?

Get woken up by your partner?

Breathe through your mouth when you sleep?

Feel really groggy when you wake up?

Have headaches in the morning?

Sleep in a different room than your partner?


If you said YES to any of these...

You need Zura+ !

Making Mouth Muscles Stronger

is the answer you’ve been looking for

90 day money back guarantee
15000+ reviews



Zura™ is a new set of tools and exercises. They make your mouth muscles stronger over time.

After using it, you'll see why 10,000+ people say it "changed my life"...

It's a totally natural step-by-step system. Our team of experts made it to help you sleep great and feel healthier.

90 day money back guarantee

Based on Myofunctional Therapy


Approved By Doctors

90 day money back guarantee

Make your days and nights better with 5 easy exercises


ZURA+ Breath Trainer

Makes cheek, throat, and airway muscles stronger. Helps you breathe deeper so you sleep better.


ZURA+ Tongue Trainer

Makes your tongue stronger and helps it stay in the right spot. Stops it from blocking your throat.


ZURA+ Throat Trainer

Makes the back of your throat stronger. Keeps it open so it doesn't close up at night.


ZURA+ Cheek Trainer

Makes cheeks smaller and tighter. Helps keep your airway open so it's less likely to close.


ZURA+ Mouth Trainer

Helps your face muscles close your mouth the right way. This helps you breathe through your nose and keeps your throat open while you sleep.

90 day money back promise

6 Reasons People Love


#1 Quiet Nights For You And Your Partner

Just 10 minutes a day. Our 5 tools make your mouth and throat muscles stronger. This means less snoring and better sleep.


#2 Sleep Longer With Less Waking Up

Breathe deeper to get more oxygen and sleep better. Sleep all night and wake up less to pee, drink water, or move around.


#3 More Energy, Feel Fresh During The Day

Good sleep gives you more energy. It makes mornings better with no tired feeling.


#4 See Results Fast

Feel relief from loud snoring after just a few times using it. See big results your partner will notice right away.


#5 Comfy & Easy To Use

ZURA+ is a daytime fix. No masks or nighttime things needed. Sleep well at night with no loud sounds or annoying devices.


#6 Trusted & Used By Specialists

Thousands of researchers and doctors use this special therapy. It helps people with lots of different issues sleep well. No surgery or big costs.

ZURA+ Oral Strengthening System

4.9/5 · 20,211 Revitalized Customers

ZURA+ Oral Strengthening System



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Your satisfaction is our #1 priority

We know you'll love Zura+. But if you don't, just send it back within 90 days. We'll give you all your money back. It's easy.

Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back

Real People Real Results


Thomas C.


"It has been a life changing experience"

"I have been using the ZURA+ with my patients for the past 6 months and have seen significant improvement in their symptoms. I highly recommend this system to anyone looking to improve their sleep and overall health, it’s not some useless supplements or bulky accessories... it’s some REAL effective devices and exercises which make sense and are totally practical and achievable! Much appreciated for the free educational videos."


Sarah R.


"Love it so much, this is my second one!"

"I bought one of these for my dad months ago, then one for me. I am trying to fight sleep disturbances in the family and we found these exercises very functional for us (we never thought that its muscles related xD ) , I started strengthening my soft pallet and the results as i say were amazing"


Laura F.


"Best snoring aid I have ever tried!"

"I was always interested in non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive treatments for sleep disorders and I am starting to consider myself very fortunate to have discovered zura. I noticed a huge difference already after using their simple devices and techniques. For starters I can't remember dreaming as vividly and more importantly I have felt so much more refreshed on waking up. Its still very early doors for me but I feel this may be a real life changer. Thank you so much"

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Tina P.
WELL worth the money

Having tried other solutions such as a popular brand of nasal strips, quickly realised that they were too expensive to purchase on a monthly basis and more importantly didn't work very well. This amount isn't pocket change, but it solved my snoring as well as the health problems (headaches, high BP, exhaustion) and marital problems my lawnmower snoring caused - so it is WELL worth the money.

Lorri H.
It literally takes me 15 mins a few times a week and greatly reduces my snoring

Watched the video instructions and used my system about 2.5 hours before bed. I followed them step-by-step with the guidance. It did take a bit of time but you can speed it up and skip bits if you want. I liked to follow her at first so I knew I was doing it right - and boy! You could actually feel yourself breathing better almost instantly. Now it literally takes me 15 mins a few times a week and greatly reduces my snoring and it's very comfortable compared to other options I've tried as there’s nothing waking me up or making me drool all over my wife.

Robert I.
Was very skeptical, especially due to it being a cheaper-looking product but how wrong I was.

Hard to believe these small pieces of plastic would work as well as this but they have. Was very skeptical, especially due to it being a cheaper-looking product but how wrong I was. After 2 weeks of use I felt this product significantly helped to solve my snoring problem and results were almost instant!

Michael D.
I was pretty skeptical about this product when I ordered it, but it works.

I was pretty skeptical about this product when I ordered it, but it works. Dentist wanted around $800 for a new mouth guard, which I was not happy with as that’s too expensive. Especially as it doesn’t include the cost of remoulding. And required a trip to the dentist office. I only ordered this as it was returnable and my wife is so happy I did. It’s stopped me from snoring and lowers my BP. Now we both can sleep well.

Kevin S.
I literally now (3 weeks later) don’t make a peep according to my app.

I had no idea I had weak throat muscles so no idea exercises could work. Wish I’d found this sooner and not wasted so much time and money getting expensive mouthguards fitted that dry my mouth out and don’t even work. I did a google search and found some free ones off sleep foundation, but no luck. Since it has a returns policy I thought it’d be safer than pricey nose strips off amazon. The devices make this so accurate that my partner said it had cut my snoring to a level that doesn’t disturb her in just 1 week. I literally now (3 weeks later) don’t make a peep according to my app.

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Got Questions? We have Answers!

What is ZURA+ ?

The Zura+ System lets you work with a specialist at home. It has exercises for mouth, tongue, and face muscles. These exercises help you breathe right and make muscles work better. So you sleep deep without noise.

What benefits will ZURA+ bring me?

Most ZURA+ users who stick with it enjoy:

  • More energy and focus
  • Less morning headaches
  • Less grumpy feeling
  • Better memory
  • Able to exercise more
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Get more done at work
  • Better life overall

Is ZURA+ easy to use?

Yes! Each tool has easy directions. We also have a free video class. It shows you how to get started up step-by-step.

What if I want to return it?

We give you 90 days to try it. If you don't like it, just tell our helpful team. You'll get all your money back.

What is myofunctional therapy and how does it help sleep?

Myofunctional therapy makes your mouth and face muscles work better. It strengthens breathing muscles. This leads to better sleep. The therapy helps your muscles stay in a good position. This makes your throat more open and your muscles stronger too. So you sleep better and breathe easier.

How do I know if ZURA+ is right for me?

The ZURA+ muscle training device is for grown-ups of any age who have any of these problems:

  • Loud snoring
  • Restless sleep
  • Getting up to pee a lot
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Feeling tired during the day
  • Hard time focusing
  • Feeling sad or grumpy
  • Falling asleep during the day

What else is good about the ZURA+ System?

The Zura+ System stops snoring and has other perks. It improves your speech, helps you digest, and tones your face shape.

Where's the proof?

Breathing Muscle Training and Myofunctional Therapy work well to stop snoring. 500 years of research shows it helps people snore less, sleep deeper and live healthier lives. This makes life better by making people less sleepy and improving their relationships and quality of life.