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Transform your entire sleep experience with our oral muscle strengthening system.

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Worried about never-ending exhaustion and sleeplessness? We are here to help.

When the muscles in the upper throat relax during sleep, breathing may halt, often for over 10 seconds. This interruption of breathing is known as apnea. You may not be conscious of having stopped breathing during sleep, but you may experience feeling unrefreshed upon waking up and experience drowsiness and fatigue during the day.

The goal of ZURA+ system is to tackle the root cause of airway collapse, increase muscle function and prevent swallowing and breathing problems.

Whether you’re looking to finally put an end to snoring or seeking a substitute for traditional treatments for night muscle collapse, our myofunctional exercises will help you achieve clear, uninterrupted breathing and revolutionize your entire sleep experience with maximum comfort and effectiveness.

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Get relief from sleeplessness and feel focused and present throughout your day with increased productivity and a restored appreciation for living.


Regain control of your moods and emotions and improve your ability to be a supportive and engaged family member, friend, and colleague.


Increases oxygen intake, reduces fatigue, and helps you re-engage in an active, energetic lifestyle with ease.


Train during the day and sleep peacefully at night, without uncomfortable nighttime alternatives that further disturb your sleep.


Enhances dopamine levels and increases serotonin, reducing morning headaches, irritability, and depression and restores a sense of relaxation and balance in your life.


Helps increase vitality,  prevent long-term health problems, and decrease blood pressure.

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Take control of your sleep and put an end to airway collapse with our science-backed oral muscle strengthening devices.

ZURA+ Breath Trainer

Focuses on strengthening the inspiratory muscles, helping to increase lung capacity and improve breathing during sleep.

ZURA+ Tongue Trainer

increases flexibility and endurance and helps stopping your tongue from blocking your airway.

ZURA+ Soft Palate Trainer

help strengthen the muscles located at the back of the throat, this keeps the airway open, and helps prevent it from collapsing during the night.

ZURA+ Occlusion Trainer

help ensure your mouth is able to open and close properly, allowing for better airflow and a clear airway throughout the night.

ZURA+ Cheek Trainer

helps strengthen the muscle responsible for compressing our cheek against our teeth, and helps improve the strength of our upper airway, reducing risk of collapse.

Maximize Your Results with Our Video-Guided Exercises

Maximize Your Results with Our Video-Guided Exercises

Each of the tools comes with clear and simple instructions along with effective video guided exercises to tone up the weak muscles responsible for Sleep Apnea.

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Regain Control of Your Sleep and Enjoy the Fulfillment of Being Your Best Self In Under One Week.

✅ Increased  energy and ability to exercise

✅ Fewer morning headaches

✅ Reduced irritability

✅ Improved memory

✅ Enhanced focus and attentiveness

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More than 80% of people using ZURA+ reported a long-term improvement in the three most reported OSA symptoms, including:
  • nonrefreshing sleep
  • fatigue
  • episodes of breathing cessations


backed by studies in top medical journals like the Journal of CSM, our system provide you with all the resources to help reduce your sleep apnea index by up to 75%.


5 Mouth Muscle Training devices designed by experts to improve muscle strength and increase tone in your cheeks, tongue, soft palate and jaw, are small and easy to take with you wherever you go.


our natural revolutionary solution is the first of its kind,  ZURA+ System is a breakthrough in combining scientific research to provide you with unparalleled results for longer sleep and less daytime fatigue


unlike traditional methods, with ZURA+ there is nothing to wear when sleeping at night, simply use the course during the day and watch your sleeping patterns transform.


no surgery, no masks, no mouthguards, just a device to access and watch our training course, and your mouth to use our specialized devices.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority

We’re sure you will be happy with Zura+, but in case you aren't, you can simply return it within 90 days of receiving it, and we'll give you a full refund.

It's that simple.

4.5 stars from over 5,000 customers

"I have been using the ZURA+ with my patients for the past 6 months and have seen significant improvement in their symptoms. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their sleep and overall health."

Garrett T.

53, Columbus, OH

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"I used to struggle with sleep apnea and snoring but since I started using this training every night, I haven't struggled with it anymore and my rest is so much better! Thank you so much"

Greg M.

53, Columbus, OH

Available while stock last

"not some useless supplements... some REAL effective devices and exercises which make sense and are totally practical and achievable! Much appreciated for the free educational videos."

John D.

53, Columbus, OH

Available while stock last

"I started strengthening my soft pallet and the results as i say were amazing. just used them tonight, and I feel a great difference already!!!"

Philip K.

53, Columbus, OH

Available while stock last

"I am trying to fight sleep disturbances and I find these exercises very functional, a good daily routine. Thank you very much Dr. Alex, greetings from Italy."

Kerry S.

53, Columbus, OH

Available while stock last

"I am starting to consider myself very fortunate to have discovered zura. I noticed a huge difference already after using their simple devices and techniques. For starters I can't remember dreaming as vividly and more importantly I have felt so much more refreshed on waking up. Its still very early doors for me but I feel this may be a real game changer. Thank you so much"

Sara B.

53, Columbus, OH

Available while stock last

"I’ve been up all night with sleep apnea and this has greatly helped me. God bless you!"

Jerome I.

53, Columbus, OH

Available while stock last

"I followed zura exercises and felt better breathing right away, especially pressing the muscles underneath jaw. Thank you!!!

none of the doctors tell us this"

Dave Z.

53, Columbus, OH

Available while stock last

"So effective. I will endeavor to do these every day because I suffer from snoring and I would like to stop that naturally if I can."

Tarah L.

53, Columbus, OH

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"Thank you!! So happy to have found these devices and the perfect course for helping with my sleep apnea!! Very easy to understand and thorough presentation!! Absolutely phenomenal"

James R.

53, Columbus, OH

Available while stock last

"I've been struggling with sleep apnea for three years now, As I'm 55, I preferred to fix the problem instead of being hooked to a machine for the rest of my life, so I decided to try everything. Once I started using the ZURA+ training devices once a day I'm happy to report I have been sleeping perfectly"

David C.

53, Columbus, OH

Available while stock last

Frequently asked questions

What is myofunctional therapy and how does it improve sleep?

Myofunctional therapy focuses on the muscles of the mouth and face, aiming to improve their function. By targeting breathing-related muscles and promoting proper airflow, myofunctional therapy can enhance sleep quality. It helps individuals maintain optimal oral posture, reduce airway obstructions, and improve muscle tone, leading to more restful sleep and potential relief from sleep-related breathing issues.

How do I know if ZURA+ is right for me?

The ZURA+ muscle training device is suitable for adults of all ages and lifestyles who are experiencing any of the following symptoms :

Nighttime symptoms of sleep apnea:

- Loud or disruptive snoring

- Witnessed pauses in breathing

- Choking or gasping for air during sleep

- Restless sleep

- Frequent visits to the bathroom

Daytime symptoms of sleep apnea:

- Early morning headaches

- Excessive daytime fatigue

- Poor concentration

- Depression or irritability

- Falling asleep during routine activities

What kind of benefits can I expect from using ZURA+ ?

Most ZURA+ users who remain committed to treatment enjoy:

- Increased energy and attentiveness

- Fewer morning headaches

- Reduced irritability

- Improved memory

- Increased ability to exercise

- Lower blood pressure

- Increased effectiveness at home and at work

- Improved overall quality of life

How and when should I use my ZURA+ Mouth Muscle Training?

The ZURA+ Airway Muscles Training System is designed to be used on a daily basis. 

The exercises and techniques taught in the e-course are intended to be easy to follow and can be done in the comfort of your own home. 

You can also consult the instruction manual included in the kit for more information on how to properly use the device and recommended exercises.

Where’s the research?

Inspiratory muscle training (IMT) and myofunctional therapy (OMFT) are two non-invasive treatments that have been shown to effectively reduce the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Clinical research has proven that these therapies can reduce the OSA index, improve sleep quality and inspiratory strength, decrease snoring, and enhance overall quality of life. 

Studies have shown that IMT improves sleepiness, sleep quality, and inspiratory strength in patients with OSA. Even an 8-week course of IMT has been found to result in a 75% reduction in the sleep apnea index. 

Research links to studies supporting the effectiveness of ZURA+: