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ZURA+ Oral Strengthening System

ZURA+ Oral Strengthening System

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Jane Specter
Wow just wow

This system is amazing! Honestly, dealing with snoring has been like hell for me.
I've tried a fuckload of things and nothing has worked significantly.
I've tried all the amazon crap, nose strips, mouth guards, anti snore pillows, none of it worked.

Becky Carcan
So simple, clear and straightforward.

I have been doing these exercises for 3 days and last night my boyfriend said that I didn't snore.. Which meant he got a silent night sleep and so did I, I highly recommend you practice these exercises I will certainly add this to my daily maintenance exercises x

Andrew Stanek
Absolute lifesaver..

Easy to use and clean. Instructional videos are helpful. At one week in I think I can breathe somewhat more deeply. This may be helping with my jogging and swimming, but it is early yet.

Sam Quincy
Works Great

If you have good tongue posture where both the front and back of tongue is lightly suctioned to the roof of your mouth, then you can't mouth breathe. This will also make it less likely for your tongue to fall back into your airway because you have a stronger position and naturally make you nasal breathe.
the exercises are great! It is amazing what you can do with exercises if you target the right areas and are consistent with therapy.

Brian Jo.
ZURA has stopped me getting divorced

Changed my life completely. If your partner is complaining about your snoring, if you are foggy or slow to rise in the morning, if you don't feel like you have more energy after a sleep please try this